Growing but grown

I’m growing yes but I’m grown…don’t try me!

Don’t assume you can shake my stance in the pool of peace. I don’t accept your flirtatious glance nor your invasion, the abrupt insertion into our lives, my life. The sight of you brings ripples into my pool of peace but I will not be shaken.

I can sense your caos from miles away. No need for me to run. I am growing but I am grown, don’t try me! The answer and all future answers will be, no. No to the unease you permeate, no to the presence of one who pretends in vain to be of stable mind, no to the cringe worthy mindset that should be kept hidden but you have boldly put forth for the world to witness. I am grown and have the ability to be bold as well.

I boldly and peacefully decide you don’t belong in my pool of peace not even on the pebbles and rocks that surround me causing a shift at times in my demeanor. These shifts may be brought on by many other factors. Afterall life does need to happen. But you, you are not worthy of a shift. I won’t entertain you. I am growing so I will not cave to silent pleas of indecisiveness brought on by those parts of me still struggling to grow.

My stance is firmly planted, my mind made up. I am growing but I’m a good 40 grown and you will not invade my pool of peace.

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Author: piecesofgoretty

My name is Goretty Gordon, also known as the mom from The Jamaitians on YouTube. I wear so many hats, that of a wife, a mom of now 4, a writer and more. As full as my life is I haven't always been present in it. In fact, the posts in this blog express my desire and PURSUIT OF PEACE in my life, a task in itself so difficult made much harder after the MURDER of my mother back in 2001. WRITING has become instrumental in my FINDING PEACE along with other things such as ACCEPTANCE in who I am truly, whatever that may be at any given moment. Many things have transpired in my life since the start of this blog and I can only hope that my turmoil, heartaches and grievances that I've conquered and those that I continue to work through will benefit someone in getting through their own pains.

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