Why did I do that?

Have you ever stolen your own peace?

It had been weeks upon weeks. To be totally transparent, it had been months. I kept myself riding. Why did I do that? The internal roller coaster of emotions went from one extreme to the next. I had my moments of revealing my thoughts and feelings, whatever they may have been at the given time, but those moments were very few. I try to speak up and out. It’s a constant fight being heard only in ones own head. Not just because ears aren’t being used to hear mouths also eventually stop speaking. I have improved but more work needs to be done. Rather, it is continuous work.

Months later and one thing I’ve learned is if you’re constantly reminding yourself you’re not mad anymore, or you’re over it…then you’re not. You’re really just trying to convince yourself. Plain and simple.

But then again, at times, not that plain nor that simple. Sometimes we subconsciously protect ourselves. Our feelings may say, “Danger Danger”, and it is for good reason. Persistent discomfort physically, spiritually, and or mentally definitely requires some kind of looking into.

If it is a case of you truly not being over the negative emotions and the cycle of keeping it in, releasing it all in one breath, and sinking back into your shell of internal fights and arguments, then agony, misery, and hurt feelings will just continue. 

Another thing is, don’t walk around undiagnosed. People are not always as aware as we’d like to make them out to be in our minds. That person you having silent arguments with may not care or they may not know they got you in your feelings. And honestly, either of those two reasons are why the struggle goes on for so long. Tell them your heart’s diagnosis. Figure out if they care or if they were just oblivious to your hurt. Being undercover mad will not get the results you feel you need to move on.


Stop having full-on arguments and fights with people in your mind. Speak your truth no matter what and wait for the response to that truth. Follow up with whatever action that needs to be taken. From a common understanding between you and the other to a mutual parting of ways. Find the outcome that best serves you.


Don’t expect an apology because you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. The sharing of your truth is for you. Just how they say forgiveness sets you free and it’s for you not the other person so is the act of sharing your feelings about something that is gnawing at you. Nothing is worse than being alone or even crowded by others and you are silent, having conversations in your head, speaking for the other person as well as yourself. You’ll find yourself responding in your head negatively to anything they say, even if it’s about the weather, but you speak something totally opposite out of politeness and consideration for their feelings. All the while you don’t think they consider your feelings at all. If you don’t consider yourself how can anyone else consider you. Don’t do that! Speak! Speak even when you think the response won’t be what you want. Speak even when you believe you already know what the response will be. Speak! Stop thinking and speak.

Declutter your mind. Live peacefully.

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Author: piecesofgoretty

My name is Goretty Gordon, also known as the mom from The Jamaitians on YouTube. I wear so many hats, that of a wife, a mom of now 4, a writer and more. As full as my life is I haven't always been present in it. In fact, the posts in this blog express my desire and PURSUIT OF PEACE in my life, a task in itself so difficult made much harder after the MURDER of my mother back in 2001. WRITING has become instrumental in my FINDING PEACE along with other things such as ACCEPTANCE in who I am truly, whatever that may be at any given moment. Many things have transpired in my life since the start of this blog and I can only hope that my turmoil, heartaches and grievances that I've conquered and those that I continue to work through will benefit someone in getting through their own pains.

2 thoughts on “Why did I do that?”

  1. Goretty,
    So good to see you thriving in your new environment. What courage!! I admire that and congratulations!

    Your posts are very thought provoking and each one gives me pause…I always look at forward to reading them. I am on that healing journey with you.

    Peace my Sister and onward to loving our authentic selves!

    Much love and respect


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