Sincerely, me

An acknowledgement had to be made.

I won’t put you in a list, because how dare I and for whom? I respect you and won’t parade you unless to uplift you.

You are not so bad that you stunt my growth. You allow me to be distinct from others. Those distinctions, those distinctions I grew up to appreciate. Back then, however, they drew the attention of mockers, teasers and abusers.

I don’t think I ever said, I forgive you.

I don’t think I ever said, I forgive me.

I can look deep inside you now. Sometimes I even put you on pedal stool for all to see. I’m perplexed when speaking to people these days; it seems you’re worth so much. Who would’ve thought?

I accept you completely because not only don’t you respect my growth and it’s process, you’ve also impacted it for the better in the light of day.

I accept and appreciate what you put me through. I accept and appreciate you. I accept and appreciate me.

Dearest Flaws,

An upside down letter, which should be read either up or down. Try it and share this post.

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Thanks for your gratitude & support, truly.  

Author: piecesofgoretty

My name is Goretty Gordon, also known as the mom from The Jamaitians on YouTube. I wear so many hats, that of a wife, a mom of now 4, a writer and more. As full as my life is I haven't always been present in it. In fact, the posts in this blog express my desire and PURSUIT OF PEACE in my life, a task in itself so difficult made much harder after the MURDER of my mother back in 2001. WRITING has become instrumental in my FINDING PEACE along with other things such as ACCEPTANCE in who I am truly, whatever that may be at any given moment. Many things have transpired in my life since the start of this blog and I can only hope that my turmoil, heartaches and grievances that I've conquered and those that I continue to work through will benefit someone in getting through their own pains.

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