The meaning of life

OMG! Seriously?!?

So I officially have a 12-year-old. 😲Where has the time gone and where is it going? Inevitably, to the other side of this world, I would imagine. My firstborn has turned twelve human years and I can’t identify when all this time came and went.


I am one that reflects, not to be confused with one that dwells, which I’ve been known to do as well on occasion. I am one that reminisce. I am one that has struggled with the byproduct of reflection, looking back and getting caught in the webs of yesterday in my mind. At times, remembering yesterday is good, healthy even, but living for today, especially in the moments that truly matter, is best. How else would you have anything to look back to.

Simply existing won’t do. Flowers exist. The mountains exist. Each with its own importance and purpose but to live life in the moment also has a purpose. Not only does it give meaning to oneself but also builds a lifetime of mental doors to unlock that hold inside memories that uplift, lessons that educate, conquered fears that caution and conceive growth, and so much more. Living in itself is the meaning.


Whether you are one to live out loud, throwing caution to the wind as you live your best life, or you are one to be more subdued in your mannerisms, don’t allow any shyness you may have, or any insecurities you struggle with keep you from living. Be in the moment. Literally laugh out loud! Chase the children without your phone strapped to you like an extra limb!

Taste  your meals and savor each ingredient, and when you work out, feel the tingle as the sweat slides down the nape of your neck on down! Life is only but a moment, it is this moment. Enjoy as much of it as you possibly can, and learn from it as much as you can in a way that suits the person you truly are. In return, if you are granted the next moment, you can live with the full knowledge that if and when you do look back, you’ll have a life full of moments being a lamp to guide you into your next steps. So…In other words, have the cake and eat it too!

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Thanks for your gratitude & support, truly.  

Author: piecesofgoretty

My name is Goretty Gordon, also known as the mom from The Jamaitians on YouTube. I wear so many hats, that of a wife, a mom of now 4, a writer and more. As full as my life is I haven't always been present in it. In fact, the posts in this blog express my desire and PURSUIT OF PEACE in my life, a task in itself so difficult made much harder after the MURDER of my mother back in 2001. WRITING has become instrumental in my FINDING PEACE along with other things such as ACCEPTANCE in who I am truly, whatever that may be at any given moment. Many things have transpired in my life since the start of this blog and I can only hope that my turmoil, heartaches and grievances that I've conquered and those that I continue to work through will benefit someone in getting through their own pains.

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