Hi there. I’m Goretty Gordon. Welcome to my blog.  This blog basically embodies my journey to finding inner peace as I go through the obstacles life serves me.

It was back in 2001 when tragedy touched my life. I had just turned 21 and ever since that horrible day, that disturbing moment in time, I lost myself. What little I thought I knew about me was removed, distorted, and replaced with a me I didn’t recognize.


In this quest for peace one thing I’ve learned is that one of my biggest challenges is commitment. Now,  I’ve been married faithfully and happily for over 10 years. Commitment to others has never been an issue. My challenge lies in commitment to myself. Can you imagine? The person I see everyday in the mirror, me, awesome me, and I’m unable to commit to her. “I mean I’m so awesome Goretty! What’s the deal? Girl, snap out of it!” That’s me talking to myself…. ya. It happens lol (that means laugh out loud for any readers who don’t know). Bare with me as I shed some layers and expose myself. It’s a vulnerable task to say the least and nerves may come and rear its ugly head but I’ve committed to this, there goes that word commitment again.


These days I am attempting to find and hold on to balance, harmony and inner peace in a whole new environment, Tanzania, Africa, with its own set of challenges on top of my own issues. Piece by piece, I will do my best to hold on to my internal peace to mature into the woman I am learning to love more and more. With this blog I invite you to put pieces together to gain your own peace. I hope to inspire you to share, hope, and encourage yourself to heal. Piece by piece, lets find peace and hold on to it. It won’t be easy, nothing worth having is, as cliché as that sounds but it’s true. I’m worth it and so are you, even if you don’t believe that about yourself right now.

What a journey life is and continues to be. Continue to follow this journey with me and feel free to share.

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