No waiting in line and no appointments needed

These days there is no shortage of businesses offering shorter wait times and speedy services for a price most find reasonable enough compared to the alternative of spending one’s time waiting for the same outcome. Fast food, I’m guessing because research on fast food doesn’t interest me, however, was for convenience sakes, but now with the rise of social media, online shopping and the like, avoiding lines in itself has become a thing. What’s crazy, as we strive to avoid the wait time to receive conventional services and products, a lot of that wait time we avoid not only comes with a price tag to match but also some essential things may not be included. For instance, fast food, as convenient as it may be, lacks the nutrients we truly need from the meal. Not only that, nowadays in an attempt to avoid lines, certain conveniences such as fast food actually puts you right smack dab in a line that can take just as much time if not longer had you just cooked yourself. This blog, however, isn’t about fast food. 

I hate lines.

Who doesn’t right?

Over the years I’ve grown in my patience and am pretty good at adapting to a line I must be in, but something came to mind a few days ago as I worshipped and praised God for where He’s brought me and where He’s taking me. The thought was this…

When it comes to Jesus and his anointing, his blessings, his peace, his Love, all of Him, I don’t have to wait in line. In fact, I don’t even have to make an appointment. I suppose you can call this one of those Ah-ha moments when you’ve realized something so obvious but you were oblivious. His added convenience of no-line waiting and no appointment needed is one I am utterly grateful for. Plus nothing He gives comes without all the good benefits for your life. His unconditional love alone out of all his glorious benefits and gifts, you can’t get anywhere else. And if we think on it there are those people in life who actually, on purpose, make you wait for their love. How ridiculous.  Flip that though, because that’s what we do to Jesus. We are the ones who make him wait. And he’s the one offering so much. We are ridiculous.

Now for all those who need it, the disclaimer is this…Jesus isn’t a genie or anything that grants wishes on demand. He often gives you not what you ask for but whats better and his wait time for the things you do ask are always right on time, eliminating the perceived notion of that painfully tedious wait time. He is the ultimate provider, healer, comforter and so much more! If you desire His unchanging love and all that comes with knowing him I just want to give you that sense of Ah-ha I had and remind you…You don’t have to make an appointment or wait in line. We are the ones who actually make him wait. Yes, He’s actually just waiting on you. He’s always in the market for you. 

Isaiah 30:18 Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!

…And If I had to, His line would absolutely be worth the wait, as it is full of all the right nutrients I need for every course in my life. God bless you reader and if getting to know Jesus more is on your heart and you need a little guidance, feel free to reach out.


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