Crinkled dollar bills

Have you ever seen that person struggling with the vending machine? Their demeanor suggests the day has been too long already and to make it worst the oversized box taunts them through a silent tug of war. Who will win, you wonder as the cold machine spits back out the crinkled dollar bill it refuses to accept. A forced straightening of the currency through the unfolding of the four corners begin to take play. The humming monster spits it back out once again. This time, a deep breath is taken before another forced straightening. It’s obvious this person doesn’t have exact change. You may have it, but you prefer to watch the spectacle, at least for a while longer. So now onto straighten this dollar bill by rubbing it against the corner of the monster box back and forth in a vain attempt to flatten the paper as flat as it can get. No luck. And now a kick. Frustrated, a body is thrown against the machine and then a shake. Watching closely for some sign of movement, the person tries once more. The dollar is placed in the slot. A few seconds pass, which even seemed too long for you, the spectator, and then that provoking sound of a returned dollar bill resonates the hallway. Out of pure frustration, the defeated person shoves the machine once more then turns, leaving behind the stale pastry they so desperately wanted. The vending machine wins again. And as a child who rubs it in once a victory is won, another passerby comes, pulls out a wad of balled up bills, unfolds one of the distorted currencies, places it in the machine’s slot and waits. You watch as the previous, hungry, individual is witness to the cold humming monster box gladly rewarding this new individual with the very snack he sought after.

A chuckle escapes and you quickly cover your mouth. The angry previous individual goes back to the drawing board. Perhaps the vending machine further down the hall will work better. The new individual walks away, happily satisfied. The vending machine continues to hum.

What’s the point?

In life, your goals may not go as planned. There’s a difference between persevering and being stubborn. You will have those that watch and laugh on the sidelines. Don’t be that person. Help if you can or at least go mind your business. (or as I like to put it after getting tired of hearing my kids constantly tell one another to “mind your business,” mind Jesus.) Someone else will be better at what you do. Don’t get angry. Rethink. Regroup. Rework. More importantly…What is yours, is yours. Your outcome is already laid out. Nothing will be just handed unless it was meant to. If something is detrimental for the goals you’ve set to be fulfilled, it shall be attained…in some cases anyway. Some things like the pursuit of The One who gives visions and the ability to acquire provision, that is totally up to you. Seek the Master of all goals, visions, and provisions. You will succeed…for your better.

So, what is your crinkled dollar bill? What are you struggling to make happen? Is it a matter of rethinking, regrouping, reworking, or a matter of going back to the drawing board and going before The One who gave you the vision in the first place…if, of course, the vision was truly from The Most High!? 😉


Saying goodbye to February

So February is nearly over and March sits awaiting your arrival. This may bring you some form of joy when looking back at all you’ve already accomplished in such a short time or the anxieties of being behind your plans can cause strain to your otherwise upbeat thinking. Toss those anxieties aside and cling to the thoughts of all things coming together at the right time. 

The best thing you can do before, during and or after crossing off your long list of to-do’s, the things you’ve defeated, mastered and accomplished or even decided against that it would no longer serve a purpose in your overall big plans for your life is this, let go and let God. The past few weeks I’ve decided to close some doors that no longer held a spot in my mind that required nurturing. I may at one time believe this to be my own thoughts and plans but I now know better. Things removed and newness added have shifted my mind and changed my motivations but the fact remains, the melting pot of visions and goals for my life have somehow all been coming together to land me right here, right now. Every decision, even the mistakes, if they can be called such, have reconfirmed my path, straightened whatever was crooked in my thinking and eased my spirit from my own humanistic concerns of making wrong moves and turns. His control, his plans, his visions for my life are being laid out before me.

You know it’s said to write your plans out. Write it and make it plain. Write them down and envision and so forth, yes. However, I also believe this is so we have a means of verification that He is listening. He is there. He is here. And He is in control. I laugh as I write these words today because what He is manifesting in my life is like…It’s like opening a gift meant for you from your parents that were put away unwrapped in the closet where your mom kept all extra gifts to give out through various times of the year for various people, just in case gifts. You believe that particular gift is yours and even prepare to receive it. This birthday passes, that holiday comes and goes. You receive other gifts but not that one. Time passes and you may even forget about that gift after convincing yourself perhaps it wasn’t meant for you after all. Then one year you receive something that is almost like an accessory, a piece that would go great with that gift and it puts a fire under you once again for that one main gift. That gift is what I’m meant to do, to be or become rather. It is me. The accessories are clues, hints, confirmations. What excitement it is to know that even if one clue gets you off course because you can be a little slow to understand from time to time, there are more that will automatically lead you right where you need to be. He will never lead you astray.

Habakkuk 2:2-3 Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.”

So no, my plans, lists or to-do’s may not have a bunch of checkmarks, and a couple of x’s, however, my path is becoming clearer and clearer. Sigh. Smile. And a jump for joy. Be blessed reader.

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